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V Bar V Heritage Site Summer Solstice

The V bar V Heritage Site has been confirmed to contain a 12-month solar calendar that employs shadows from boulders onto the glyphs. Unfortunately, in early 2020, one of the two boulders fell from its position during the heavy rain and wind of Hurricane Rita. 

On June 20, 2020, the site was revisited to observe the Summer Solstice effect. The purpose of recording was to see if the lower (south) boulder was impacted by the fall of the upper (north) boulder. Fortunately, it was not impacted as the effect was consistent with images take prior to the "fall." Below are three images. One shows the fallen boulder, next is the full-view of the solstice effect, and lastly is a close-up of the "dancing glyph" that is only touched by the shadow line on the summer solstice.