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Sacred Mountain Trail

Not far from V Bar V Heritage Site are the fallen remains of a 50 to 60 room pueblo with a classic Hohokam-style ball court at its base.  There are three room blocks of about 20 rooms each on three corners of the butte, with the southwest corner exposed to form a plaza. The ball court, at the southeast base of the butte, is the last of the identified courts to be constructed in the Verde Valley.  The ball court is difficult to identify since today it looks more like a depression caused by erosion.

Sacred Mountain also has significant agricultural remains, including several cultivated agaves. The basin surrounding Sacred Mountain was surveyed by the University of Arizona.  This survey found that about 80.6 hectares around the base were covered with dense rock alignments including waffle gardens, linear borders and check dams. A total of 1,410 meters of primary canals, 810 meters of secondary canals, and 100 meters of tertiary branches were traced. This abundance of agricultural features suggests a Sinagua strategy of agricultural maximization linked with intensive cultivation.

To get to the site, continue past the V Bar V entrance until the road opens on the east.  You will see a white mesa and a small parking area off the road.  Hike to the cattle fence and go through the gate. Be sure to close the gate behind you. From the fence, the trail can be seen leading up to the butte. Follow the trail to the butte. Just before a ravine you will pass though a tight cattle guard break in a fence. You pass down through the ravine. Then the trail takes you up to the lower deck on the west side of the butte. Here there is a trail register. Continue on and the trail skirts along the south side and up. Near the far southeast corner of the butte the trail tops out. From here you are free to roam the deck.

Please be sure to acquaint yourself with the Site Etiquette guidelines before visiting the site.