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Red Tank Draw 

Red Tank Draw was an important ancient travel route for Sinagua people, descending off the Mogollon Rim.  Red Tank Draw contains a large number of petroglyph panels on both the west and east sides of the draw.  Some areas are not accessible when water is in the draw, while others are hidden behind thick overgrowth.

This route requires a high clearance vehicle.  A passenger car will simply not make it, so do not even try.  Take FR 618 east from I-17 about 1.3 miles until you see the first forest road turn off to the north (first stop sign). This road will take you to another fork where you will take the middle road of a three-way fork. Follow this road which is bumpy and crosses through a steep ravine.  As you continue east you will begin to see the red cliffs of Red Tank Draw.  As you approach the draw the road will take a turn to the left and eventually goes down to the draw bottom.  This part of the road is extremely rocky so you may be more comfortable parking at the top (off the road since jeep tours come this way) and walking down the road.

When you reach the bottom, continue to walk to the south as close to the draw cliffs as possible.  About 100 yards or so you will see a Forest Service register book stand.  The primary petroglyph panel (photos to the right) is at this location. 

There are several panels, smaller than this one up and down the draw, on both sides.  It requires boulder hopping while looking for the rock art on the cliff sides.  BE CAREFUL and watch your footing.

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